Water Monitoring

Complete Online Management of Your Agricultural Water, Wells, Soil and Equipment Assets

Monitoring by REDtrac® provides all the information you need for informed actions about your wells, water and soils, plus the management of your booster/filter stations and ponds. 

REDtrac’s WATERtrac® system monitors all aspects of your operations for both SGMA compliance and your internal management requirement. 

  • Pumping and standing well water levels
  • Energy use - whether electricity, natural gas, diesel or propane
  • Energy costs per acre foot based on precise utility time-of-use rates, or your cost of diesel, natural gas or other fuel
  • Pumped water by cumulative, flow rate and time interval
  • Specific Capacity of your wells
  • pH, and Electroconductivity (EC) for water quality
  • Lubrication
  • Motor and shaft vibration
  • On Demand Pump Efficiency test reports
Everything you need to know - on your screen at the office, tablet or your mobile devices.

REDtrac measures the true efficiency of your electric motors at each site. The advanced system analyzes motor and pump dynamics including well production, discharge pressures, standing and pumping water levels. The systems provide growers with the Specific Capacity of each well along with On Demand Pump Efficiency reports.

In addition, REDtrac continuously records all three electric phases for motor harmonics, records oil drips for shaft lubrication, and continuously reads the vibration the shaft, motor and pump assembly allowing you to predict maintenance issues and create alerts that save you downtime and onsite trips.

Motor data, real energy usage and demand, water depth and pressure information are collected by REDtrac for an Instant Pump Efficiency® report. Run tests and reports as often as you’d like and compare over time to your historical results. Track the Specific Capacity of each well, and compare the results to remedial acid and brush jobs.

Onsite energy monitoring and right-rate tariff analysis enable you to efficiently schedule your operations and personnel. This powerful data enhances your ability to participate in Demand Response programs. REDtrac’s real-time electric meters provide timely, accurate information every fifteen minutes – no guess work, no revisions.

REDtrac also connects to your VFD or soft start panel as well as  natural gas or diesel engines systems.
Don’t need real time data? REDtrac provides Share My Data® or Green Button utility data at low cost through our proprietary Green Button Express® system.


REDtrac measures pumping and standing (static) water levels from your irrigation wells. The system reports the Specific Capacity of your wells, calculates your real energy costs and the pump efficiency using actual energy data along with pressure and water flows.

For your ponds and spreading basins, REDtrac links soil moisture information, weather and ET data to estimate pond water quantities and suggest possible percolation rates.


REDtrac continuously measures and reports on Electric Conductivity for total dissolved solids and pH for acidity. The reports and alarms allow you to optimize the acidity and salinity of your applied water.


REDtrac’s Irrigation Scheduling model estimates and reports on your Water Budget by tract or ranch, suggests spray and irrigation scheduling.


REDtrac systems can provide onsite measurements of rain, wind, temperature, humidity, Et and the sun’s radiation; as well as import CMIS data and your preferred commercial weather data.

The REDtrac system reports “Running” Degree Days, Chill Hours, Chill Portions, etc. with alerts on all conditions.
REDtrac systems collect soil moisture data in the root zone from ground level down to five feet including all your critical water level indicators.


REDtrac works with almost every meter, sensor and device on the market, and has robust API capabilities. We offer wireless and hard-wired solutions for most every scenario and location. Communicate via cellular, microwave, LoRa, Bluetooth Long Range, WiFi, ZigBee, and other supported radio types, plus use protocols including IP, Modbus, RS485, SDI12, and others.


You own your data. REDtrac’s analytics and reporting engine is likely all you’ll need, but you can easily download your data on a regular schedule or as needed. Import your historical data such as pump tests, water production, water depth, etc into the REDtrac platform, then graph current conditions against historical. REDtrac has virtually no limits on data storage or access for most customers.


REDtrac systems are uniquely tailored to your needs. We’ll work with you to select the hardware, communication, user interfaces and reporting to fit your immediate and ongoing needs. Our systems are expandable and can be adapted to meet your special requirements, whether you operate an agricultural enterprise, need governmental reporting capabilities, or are an investor/partner requiring standardized testing and reporting for financial or field personnel.

Tank Levels

Everything You Need to Monitor Your Water and Fuel Levels.

REDtrac measures fluid levels in reservoirs, ponds, canals and enclosed tanks, then provides alarms and reports based on the conditions you set. Calculate not only levels, but quantities (gallons, acre feet, etc) for oil, water, chemicals, diesel, gasoline, propane or most any liquid.

REDtrac provides remote tank monitoring and reporting services through a sole source combination of hardware, sensors, and software applications to deliver critical tank level and other data 24/7, available virtually anywhere in the world.

Measure your key fluid resources such as:

  • commodity chemicals
  • diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)
  • motor fuels
  • lubricants
  • water treatment
  • propane

Our market-specific tank monitoring solutions and tank telemetry products help ensure product purity and eliminate run-outs and emergency deliveries, improve resource planning, route optimization and more.

REDtrac remote tank monitoring data makes your operations more efficient, and that helps make your business more profitable.

Asset Tracking

REDtrac software platform overview
REDtrac LinkWise asset management and GPS tracking software enables clients to locate and track assets in real time. The platform is scalable from a single truck to thousands of trailers so that you can track all your vehicles and assets without interruption or any additional logistical concerns. REDtrac’s asset tracking system is ideal for industrial and non-industrial equipment fleets including:

On and off highway vehicles
Oilfield and construction equipment
Agricultural and farming equipment
Transport and harvesting trailers
Passenger vehicles

The REDtrac platform includes:

  • GPS Tracking and Geofencing
  • Service and Maintenance Alerts and Notifications
  • Customized Asset Alerts and Notifications
  • Operational Reports (Standard and Customized)
  • Frequent Update Rates
  • Electronic Driver Logs (coming soon)

REDtrac LinkWise Greenhouse Gas Reporting
The burden of emissions compliance has created a costly strain on all businesses. REDtrac has developed a reporting module to reduce the impact of current and future regulatory reporting including:

    • CARB Record keeping and Reporting
    • EPA Record keeping and Reporting
    • Local AQMD Record keeping and Reporting
    • Title V Record keeping and Reporting


Who is REDtrac?

REDtrac LLC is a Bakersfield California based collaboration of software and hardware engineers  and industry experts with extensive experience in agriculture, oil and gas, emissions compliance, design, construction, vehicle fleet logistics management, and industrial operations.

REDtrac and its business partners currently monitor, analyze and report on over 250,000 assets worldwide.

What type of product does REDtrac offer?

REDtrac offers a versatile server or web-based software platform accompanied by a proprietary device integration module that allows us to create a custom asset management and GPS tracking solution for any client regardless of their particular market. We are not a company who offers a device or hardware solution and requires its client to utilize a device dependent software solution. This approach is usually very specific and typically does not integrate with the other operational software a client may be using for either additional asset tracking or elsewhere in the business operation. Our product has been designed for the exact opposite approach. We are a software company with a platform so versatile that is almost completely agnostic to the current hardware options in the market place. Our efforts are then focused on creating a user friendly interface that creates a beneficial asset to management relationship across the entire spectrum of our clients operation. In short, our software platform can elevate asset management from a stand-alone business feature to an innovative business analysis tool, which can then give progressive clients the opportunity to concentrate on gaining additional traction in their particular market or space.

Why is asset management and GPS tracking important to my business?

All business entities are under a tremendous strain to provide the highest level of quality control available for their clients while creating additional internal value for their organization. This principal exists regardless of the exact focus for your particular business. It doesn’t matter whether you are a farmer, oil & gas service provider, trucker, manufacturer, vendor, government entity, or a regulatory agency, your goal is to operate at a high level while maximizing your inputs. This is important to note given that a business entity is not always capable of controlling the market price of their product. Controlling or minimizing the operational cost can build additional profits into a business regardless of the present market conditions. The ability to gather, analyze, and distribute information correctly adds value and is vital to the continued existence of all types of businesses. This is the fundamental philosophy behind asset management and GPS tracking.

How does REDtrac gather the data from a fleet of assets?

We gather a fleet’s data by installing various types of remote telemetry hardware devices. These devices can collect various types of data depending on the type of device and the information deemed important for that exact business entity. The data, once collected by the device, is then transmitted by one of several methods including cellular modem, radio frequency, satellite transmission, or land telephone line to a designated server of the clients choosing.

What happens after the data is collected and transmitted?

Once the data is collected and transmitted to a server, it can then be organized by our software platform and integrated into a user-friendly interface that is customized for each client. At this point, the client will discover the additional value in our LINKWISE software platform. This can include creating reports, performing a simple review of the data, or exporting the data out into other operational software used in the daily function of the business entity.

How is the LINKWISE software platform sold?

The LINKWISE software platform can be sold to a REDtrac client through a hosted subscription agreement which is billed either monthly or on an annual basis. The second purchase option available is a non-hosted LINKWISE licensing agreement. One of the unique features of this product is that it can be sold under a non-hosted licensing agreement to a business entity who can then employ their own user interface and resale the software subscriptions as part of that entities own product line. In other words, our product can actually help a business create a fresh revenue stream which coincides with the original product line currently offered to the entity’s present clientele.

What is the best way to contact REDtrac for questions or product demonstrations?

The best way to contact REDtrac is through our informational email address or through your REDtrac sales and marketing representative. Feel free to contact our Operations Manager whose contact information is listed below with any questions or requests for further information.

Michael McAllister, Operations Manager

Cellular: (661) 912-9968
Email: michael.mcallister@red-trac.com